The Woods at Killington Homeowners’ Association

Contact Information

General Manager: Perry Beede

[email protected]

Spa & Fitness Director: Paula Pelkey

[email protected]

Main: 802-422-3100

Welcome to the Woods at Killington

The Woods offers the finest in condominium ownership, rentals, and amenities. We are centrally located in the Green Mountains of Killington, Vermont, convenient to all the diverse dining, shopping, sightseeing, and recreational opportunities that the area has to offer.

The condominium complex is comprised of 107 residential units of various types, including the following: 

  • Cluster Units: Seven clusters of townhouses, including Ashwood [A1-9], Beechwood [B1-9] Cedarwood [C1-8], Dogwood [D1-7], Elmwood [E1-12], Firwood [F1-7], Greenwood [G1-4].
  • Village Units: A series of six apartment-style buildings surrounding wooded greenspace [V1-49].
  • Woods Homes: Two single-family homes [W1-2]

The Woods also includes a centrally located community building (the Terra Median) that houses the administrative offices as well as a Fitness Center and The Spa at the Woods, a European-style spa and fitness center. owned and operated by The Woods for the benefit of its owners, renters, and the general public. The Spa features unique, custom-tailored spa treatments, and the Fitness Center includes a full gym, outdoor tennis courts, solarium pool, hot tub, sauna, and eucalyptus steam room. The facility is open year-round for the enjoyment of all. For more details on all the amenities available at The Spa at the Woods, book your next treatment, or purchase a membership or day pass to the Fitness Center, visit The Spa at the Woods.

The Condominium Woods of Killington is governed by the Declaration of Condominiums of The Woods at Killington and The Bylaws of The Woods at Killington Owners’ Association. The owners’ association, consisting of the owners of the 107 residential units, meets annually on the first Saturday of May to elect its Board of Directors and address general association business. The Board is responsible for the administration and management of The Woods and meets regularly during the year. All meetings are conducted in accordance with

Robert’s Rules of Order, owners are invited to attend the meetings, and there is time on the agenda for members’ comments and questions.

The Board of Directors for the fiscal year May 1, 2023 – April 30, 2024 includes.       

  • President Howard Levine
  • ·Vice President Heidi Bomengen
  • ·Treasurer David Perlmutter
  • ·Secretary James Thyne
  • ·Director Dave Morse

Units at The Woods are available for short and long-term rental. The Woods Owners’ Association does not operate a sales or leasing office so individuals interested in properties for sale or rent should contact their real estate agent or other listings for information.

If you are an owner, please log in via the Owner’s Login to access owner-only resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be done with trash and recyclables?

Casella Waste Management is our contractor for trash removal.  Trash should be properly bagged and placed in the trash closet for your unit.

Recyclables should be placed directly in the recycle container in the trash closet (Clusters) or outside your front door (Village).

When is “trash day”?

Trash is scheduled to be picked up on Mondays and Fridays including holidays. Collections generally start around noon. The schedule is subject to modifications due to weather or staff emergencies.

What about food waste?

Due to the high number of bear sightings and the number of trash doors already ripped off the hinges by bears, we will provide a minimal composting program.

Casella has placed a 32-gallon plastic-covered container (not bear-proof) at the maintenance garage near the dumpsters.  If you choose to compost, you can bring your food scraps to that container and place them inside.  Please be sure to replace the cover.  Also, it would be best to do this during daylight hours as the bears are less apt to be in the area.

Is there maintenance staff available on weekends?

Our maintenance staff is not available on weekends.  Their regular hours are Mon- Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. For emergencies, you can call 802-422-3100.

What are the hours for the Spa and Fitness Center?

These hours are seasonal. It is best to check the Spa Page for updated hours.

Are pets allowed in the Woods?

Pets are generally permitted in the Woods in accordance with the Rules and Regulations. Pets should always be leashed and/or under the owner’s control at all times.  The pet owner is responsible to clean up after pets and use the waste containers placed around the property. Owner is responsible to clean up after pets immediately regardless of where the pet defecates which includes a Common backyard, walkway, driveway, or yard. No pet shall remain outside unattended or tethered to the building at any time.

Does the Woods have a Shuttle Service?

There is no shuttle service at this time.